February PE News


Lidia Fedyszyn in year 9 writes about her selection for the U17 England football squad:

In October I was picked to go to the South West England trials in football representing Wiltshire Centre of Excellence for girls - I was chosen as Wiltshire's striker for the Under 14 age group. On the day we had to do some defending and attacking drills whilst members of the England Football Association walked around and wrote notes on their clipboards. One of them was the U17 women's coach. As I did quite well in these trials I am now being scouted for the U17 team - England coaches are coming to watch me train and are also watching my matches on a Saturday morning. The experience has been incredible but also quite scary and intimidating! (Lydia Fedysyn 9E)

Cross Country

More superb cross country results to celebrate following Bryanston School's 53rd Ken Baily cross country race. Well done to the intermediate / senior girls - Imogen Wolsey (also placed 1st individual), Lucy Butt, Lizzie Clifford, Emma Clarke (1st team), Flo Powell, Emily Kalik, Vicky James, Amy McDermott (5th team), Hannah Gidney, Amy Greaves, Hannah Kirkham, Nicole Esdaile (8th team). A total of 18 teams competed, with 90 runners in total so South Wilts featured prominently in this age group. In the junior girls' race Phoebe Kalik placed 2nd, Becky Esdaile placed 11th and Georgina Holman placed 30th out of 143 runners - well done!

Excellent results for the South Wilts girls running as part of the Salisbury cross country squad at Grittleton House School on Saturday 23rd January, helping the District to achieve 1st out of 5 in the junior, inter and senior squads and 2nd out of 5 in the minor girls. Phoebe Kalik, Sophie Kalik, Emma Clarke, Emily Kalik, Holly Kirkham, Imogen Wolsey, Amy Greaves, Charlotte Williamson and Rebecca Parfrey have been selected to run for the Wiltshire squad in the South West Counties cross country in Truro on 27th February - many congratulations and good luck. (Miss Salen)

Imogen Wolsey in year 11 writes about her successes in cross running during the 2009-10 season;

At the start of year 11 I decided to take my running to the next level by joining TeamBath. The intense training has recently proven very beneficial, and so far I'm having my best season yet. On 23rd January I took part in my second National League competition in Antrim, Northern Ireland, finishing first in my age group and third in the U20 Ladies. Following my 4th position in Cardiff the weekend before, I am now joint 2nd place in the McCain Cross Challenge Rankings, with only the final in Birmingham (worth double points) left to consolidate my efforts this season!

I wouldn't be in this position without the original school team, and despite the thrill of these competitions, taking part in the local races with my friends is just as rewarding. (Imogen Wolsey 11W)

South West Schools' Biathlon

18 girls competed in the South West Schools' Biathlon (running & swimming) qualifier at Bath University on Sunday 24th January.

The Year 7 team came 1st at Bath and 13/73 in GB qualifying, the Year 9 team came 2nd at Bath and 12/20 in GB qualifying, the Year 10 team came 1st at Bath and 2/20 in GB qualifying.

The Year 10 squad of Emily Kalik, Louise Davidson & Nicole Esdaile, plus Phoebe Kalik (Year 7), Sophie Kailk (Year 8) and Hannah Drewett (Year 12) all scored so well they have qualified for the GB Schools' Biathlon Finals at Crystal Palace on March 21st. A marvellous achievement - best of luck. (Miss Salen)

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