Saatchi Gallery Daily Telegraph Exhibition 2009

The Saatchi Gallery in London announced last February 2009 that they were to hold another' On Line Art Competition' open to all primary, secondary and sixth form Art students from all around the world.

The 2009 competition received over 22 .0000 entries. A final prize winner was announced with a runner up in each section.

This year the Saatchi gallery linked with the Daily Telegraph were asking students to submit a photograph of their work in order for a panel of highly acclaimed art critics to select their favourite. Among the critics was the sculptor Anthony Gormley.

Evie Kitt in year 13 submitted one of her paintings from her AS Art Examination and although it did not reach the last finalist section, it is still an accolade that it was picked for the short list section with 19 other students.

Evie's painting has been exhibited on the Saatchi Gallery website for the last six months; many congratulations go to Evie for an outstanding achievement.




Created: Tuesday, March 09, 2010 | School News Page

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