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During February half term a group of 17 girls and 7 boys studying AS Geology went on a field trip to Tenerife. The trip got off to an interesting start with torrential rain for two hours on the first morning. However, it provided much entertainment in the minibuses when trying to take photos of the flash floods along the motorway. Mrs Stratton's knowledge of the island proved extremely useful when the weather of rain, mist, hail and snow put a halt to our plans, as she always had a plan B and so the planned itinerary wasn't strictly kept to. We walked across lava flows, got half way around Roques de Garcia and climbed several cindercones. Throughout the week there were competitions such as; find the best volcanic bomb and the biggest olivine crystal, this was helped by the use of lollipop prizes.

Every evening when we got back to the apartments, all 24 students and three teachers wedged ourselves into one of the apartments to have a debriefing of the day's activities. This was made an even more impressive feat by candle light when the whole island had a power cut. Some of the highlights of the trip included, getting a police escort, having a pancake party and writing some geological songs. Overall the trip was a huge success and a big thank you goes to Mrs Ellis and Mr Wheeler and all who had a hand organising the trip. (Isobel Mackay 6JMA) 

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