Introducing Year 6 to Design and Technology

Introducing Year 6 to Design & Technology

On six Tuesday mornings in October and November 2010 18 boys and girls from Year 6 at Woodford Valley Primary School will be joining me to get some hands-on experience of Design & Technology.

I am always impressed by how quickly these young people pick up new skills and learn how to use new equipment and this year are no exception. Bubbling with enthusiasm they have already been measuring and sawing and using the Pillar Drill with careful confidence to create the basic mechanism for their 'Climbing Bug', and next they will design their own Bug body to attach to it.

After half term they will use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to help design a personal Desk Tidy and then use CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) to cut their vinyl decorations for it, which introduces them to the incredible potential for intricate, accurate work that the use of computerised equipment now offers.

These boys and girls are always a pleasure to work with and a credit to their class teacher Kate Doré (an ex SWGS student herself!).

(Mr Scrivener) 

Created: Monday, January 17, 2011 | School News Page

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