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On the 3rd May 2011 South Wilts changed its recycling system. Previously, only white paper could be recycled, and all other waste went to the landfill. As of May, we now are able to recycle all dry waste (so no food waste).

In February, the Eco Team surveyed a random sample of bins from around the school and found that 80-90% of waste put in the general bins could be recycled using the new system.

We organised a group fo Lower School students who very willingly colled and redistributed bin lids. More students also helped us clean the lids and re-label them with new green labels. We are very grateful to those who have helped us with the bins.

We would like to remind students and staff that the green bins are for dry, mixed recycling, e.g. all kinds of paper and cardboard, glass, metal, plastic etc., and that the other bins, previously for general waste, are needed only for food and wet waste, e.g. tissues, banana skins, apple cores etc.

With the help of students and staff, we also planted sunflowers and other wildflower seeds in pots. The sunflowers have now been planted outside the Maths block, and we hope that they will grow strong and healthy. (Rebecca Bostock & Izzy Kitt Year 12).

Created: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 | School News Page

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