A record year of A* and A GCSE results

The numbers of students achieving the very highest grades has reached a record high. It makes for another outstanding set of results for the 130 Year 11 students. There was excitement and happiness as a fantastic 102 students got 10 or more A* and A grades. 100% of the year group gained 5 A*- C grades, including English, Mathematics and Science, with every single student achieving great success. An incredible 91% of the examinations taken were awarded A* and A grades, which is a huge increase from last year’s 87%.

Jessica Quigley students gained 14 A* grades in all her subjects and Katie Collins gained 13 A* grades. A total of 61 students gained all A and A* grades.

Headteacher, Michele Chilcott said, “This is another amazing set of results for the school; students, teachers and parents have every reason to feel proud. The hard work and commitment of the students is exceptional and they deserve this success.”

Michele Chilcott

23rd August 2012

Created: Thursday, August 23, 2012 | School News Page

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