Exceptional student achievements

Students have yet again excelled in their A Level examinations this year with an outstanding 76% of all A Level results at A*, A or B grades. A tremendous 44% of all grades were A* or A, with 12% at A* and a pass rate of 99.5%

199 girls sat A Level examinations this year, with 58 students gaining 3 or more A Levels at grade A or A*. Florence Powell gained five A* grades; Hannah Brown, Rebecca Prince, Jessica Whatley, Rosa Whiteley, Alice Yevko and Rebecca Young all attained 3 A* and one A grade, with Megan Jones, Eleanor Powell and Eleanor Wills achieving 3 A Levels at A* grade.

This outstanding achievement was matched at AS level, with 9 students gaining an impressive 6 AS Levels at grade A, 19 gaining 5 A grades and a further 23 students achieved 4 AS levels at grade A.

Many of the students have excelled this year, not just academically but in sport, music and drama; one of the highlights this year being the school production of Animal Farm.

All our students, whether they have been at South Wilts for seven years or joined us in the Sixth Form, have achieved deservedly high levels of success. This year’s tremendous results are a credit to the hard work and determination of students and staff and to the support of parents and friends of the school.

Michele Chilcott

15 August 2013 | Click here for the exam results page

Created: Thursday, August 15, 2013 | School News Page

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