Another excellent year of A* and A GCSE

The numbers of students achieving the very highest grades is again outstanding. It makes for another excellent set of results for the 132 Year 11 students. There was excitement and happiness as a fantastic 95 students got 10 or more A* and A grades. 99.2% of the year group gained 5 A*- C grades, including English, Mathematics and Science, with every single student achieving great success. An incredible 89% of the examinations taken were awarded A* and A grades.

Tegan Eldridge gained 13 A* grades. 14 students gained 12 A* grades, including Rosie Bishop who also achieved an A grade in her AS Art examination. A total of 68 students gained all A* and A grades.

Headteacher, Michele Chilcott said, “This is another amazing set of results for the school; students, teachers and parents have every reason to feel proud. The hard work and commitment of the students is exceptional and they deserve this success.”

Michele Chilcott

22 August 2013 | Click here for the exam results page

Created: Thursday, August 22, 2013 | School News Page

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