Science News Term 5 2010

The Biology Challenge

The Biology Challenge is a national competition organised by The Society of Biology.
Congratulations to the following medal winners this year:

Gold medal
Stephanie Davey, Nicole Esdaile, Cate Morrison, Rebecca Prince, Sarah Route-Stephens, Hannah

Silver medal
Lucinda Bailey, India Grant-Wood, Victoria Gray, Megan Jones, Alice Jordan, Sophie Landon, Sabrina
Morice-Broom, Ruth Price, Abbi Pownall-Gray, Victoria Rue, Eleanor Wills, Rebecca Young

Heather Baker, Katharine Child, Suzannah Clarke, Jess Elliot, Laura Hollingbery, Sylvie Palmer,
Florence Powell, Kate Rist, Jennifer Shone, Noorunisa Suhail, Laura Tomlin, Jessica Webber, Jessica
Whatley, Rosa Whiteley

Highly Commended
Laura Andrew, Bethan Davies, Holly Holm-Powell, Jennifer Welsh

Laura Breeds, Eleanor Jones, Louise Olley, Katie Porter, Erin Seaman
(Mrs Wilkes)

Forensic Investigation Day

On Wednesday 31st March 2010, eight Year 10 pupils went to the University of Bath for a Gifted and
Talented Forensic Investigation.

There were students from two other schools and we were put into mixed groups, one person from each school, so we could work on our team building skills. The teachers were also put into a group, including our teacher, Mrs Herbert. The session leader described the murder we were going to solve and gave us selected details about the death. We then had to try and solve the crime based on the evidence we would discover over the course of the day.

Each group was then taken up to the science labs where we did some DNA fingerprinting to try and see if the DNA found at the crime scene was linked to any of the suspects. During this part, we got to use extremely expensive equipment including micropipettes that are used to transfer micro litres of a substance. We also got to collect our own DNA and added various chemicals so we could see the
strands of DNA. We then turned these into necklaces.

After lunch, we wrote murder mysteries in our groups and Evie's group and the teachers won sweets for their chilling tales. We also interviewed possible suspects for the main murder in the afternoon and each group had to try and solve the crime. We then checked the evidence in the labs and the murderer was revealed. Shiffa and Eleanor's group were almost exactly right with their interpretation of events and consequently won goody bags.

(Rebecca Young 10B)

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