Gifted & Talented students visit Exeter University

On Tuesday 21st October ten girls from Year 10 were invited to Exeter University as part of the South West Academic Trust's Gifted and Talented programme. As well as South Wilts, students came from Poole Grammar, Bournemouth Grammar, Torquay Boys' Grammar and Colyton Grammar. We were interested to see that we were the only girls' school.

For the first part of the day we had a seminar on number sequences with Professor Ashwin, which began by looking at GCSE work and quickly progressed to degree level work with meandric numbers, the Googol numbers and the Fibonacci formula - very challenging! We then had a talk about the myriad of different courses available at universities in the South West, before having a tour of the campus with student ambassadors. It was a highly interesting day and gave us all a lot to think about in terms of our goals and how to achieve them. (Mrs Harris)

Created: Thursday, December 18, 2008 | School News Page

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