Good Food Show

On 14th November Mrs Mahoney took a group of sixth form Food Technology students to see the BBC Good Food Show in London. We travelled up on the train and made several changes on the underground, a new and slightly daunting experience for some of us! Despite getting delayed for over an hour in a hot, crowded tube carriage, we did all arrive in one piece, and quickly realised it had been worth the wait.

There was such a range of things to do, and so many new foods to try, and even the people who had tagged along in hope of free food samples found it to be a really interesting day out! From chocolate to curry, biscuits and bread and even wines and whisky, there were stalls from food producers up and down the country, all selling their finest goods. And yes, there were a lot of free samples! We spent several hours exploring the show, finding new favourite foods, watching the many displays and even buying a few Christmas presents. Personally, I found it to be a really enlightening experience in terms of all the different cultures and their different cuisines, and I definitely picked up a few tips for my coursework. We all travelled home full and happy (with no delays on the way back!) and it is a trip that I would recommend to all who get the opportunity. (Caitlin Boyle 12JPC)

Created: Thursday, December 18, 2008 | School News Page

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