South Wilts to join the South West Academic Trust

On 15 December the Governing Body took the formal decision for South Wilts to join the South West Academic Trust. Other members of the Trust are Colyton Grammar School; Torquay Boys' Grammar School; Bournemouth Grammar and Poole Grammar. This decision was reached following two periods of formal consultation when significant support was received from individuals including Mr Robert Key (MP), Head of Wiltshire Children's Services, other Wiltshire heads and the Chief Executive of Salisbury District Council.

 Joining the Trust will provide exciting new opportunities for pupils and staff.  Year 10 students have already had the opportunity to visit Exeter University and take part in a challenging Maths workshop. In addition, the Grammar School Heads of Maths and Religious Studies have met to develop innovative approaches to learning for our more able students. Planned future events include English and Music colleagues from the Trust schools meeting to share good practice, also for teacher research into developing 'challenge' in the classroom.

 This is a new and exciting avenue for South Wilts and we are delighted to be joining the South West Academic Trust.  We will be working with schools at the cutting edge of learning for more able children and look forward to further events at South Wilts.

Created: Monday, January 05, 2009 | School News Page

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