Newsletter - Simulence

On Wednesday 20th May 2009 ten year 9 students took part in a Science and Drama enrichment event with gifted and talented students from Wyvern College and St Josephs School. The day was run by an organisation called ‘Simulence' that specialise in giving students a glimpse of the excitement and potential dilemmas of a competitive business world.

The day started with a competitive team building activity to develop team working skills whilst learning about the impact of car emissions on the environment. The students then moved into the lab completing high level analysis of energy and emissions from various fuels. The students used this knowledge to interact in a ‘Hot Seating' activity where traditional ideas about Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide emissions were challenged. Finally students had to work in teams to ‘sell' their car to the rest of the group. The winning team were given a ‘Hybrid' for which they made a cogent, creative and persuasive case!

The students valued the opportunity of working with students from other schools, and to solve a real life work-based problem with hands on Science and role play.


Created: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | School News Page

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