Guitar Ensemble Concert - 11th May 2010

The concert was attended by a large audience, generous both in applause and donations. First up was ‘Walk On By' with Erin Seaman on lead guitar and Florence Salisbury on vocals. Next we had ‘Egyptian Reggae' with Rebecca Weir on lead. ‘Cry Me a River' followed with Malcolm Wilkinson playing the vocalist's part, ably assisted by Isobel Finlay on lead. ‘Let Me Down Easy' was a well received song with lead guitar by Maddy Snell. ‘Wipeout' with Beth Rothwell on lead was lively, raucous and popular.....just like it should be. Beth played really well in this item. A more subdued tone was struck with ‘I Feel Like Walking in the Rain'. Emily Gunn took the solo well. Next Thea Maxwell sang well to her own accompaniment on ‘She Will Be Loved'. ‘Rescue Me' was a great success.

Alice Jordan's bass playing was excellent. ‘Hideaway' is a test for any electric guitar player. Maddy Snell made a good job of it and the difficult solo break in the middle was played with great assurance. Next Rebecca Weir sang ‘Cannonball' with a small group, singing with confidence. Last we had ‘You Were Made for Me' by Sam Cooke with a very good guitar solo from Erin. The crowd demanded more so we obliged with another rendering of ‘Rescue Me'. Every member of the group played a solo somewhere in the concert. Florence Salisbury sang all but two of the songs and deserves all our thanks. Well done to everyone on a very successful and enjoyable evening.

Malcolm Wilkinson

Created: Friday, May 28, 2010 | School News Page

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