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Sports Day 2009 Sports Day 2009

The PE Department wish to thank all staff, Friends of South Wilts, sixth form and competitors for contributing towards another highly successful Sports Day at South Wilts. Well done for such an excellent standard of competition - including four school records broken! Sophie Kalik ran 2.27.0 in the year 7 800m & 5.04.1 in the year 7 1500m, Imogen Wolsey ran 4.54.2 in the year 10 1500m & 10W ran 3.29.7 in the year 10 Medley Relay. All fantastic achievements, especially considering some school records have been held since 1979!

Overall results were as follows:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
1st N (128) 1st A (143) 1st E (150) 1st W (236)
2nd A (126) 2nd B (138) 2nd A (136) 2nd E (154)
3rd B (117) 3rd N (112) 3rd N (131) 3rd A (153)
4th E (85) 4th E (88) 4th B (125) 4th N (133)
      5th B (123)

The best athlete awards were also presented to the girls who had scored the most points within the limits of sports day entry (2 track & 1 field plus a relay, or 2 field & 1 track plus a relay).

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
1st Sophie Kalik 7N 1st Lizzie Clifford 8A 1st Hannah Brown 9N 1st Imogen Wolsey 10W
2nd Catherine Lethbridge 7A 2nd Jerry Edwards 8B 2nd Emily Kalik 9E 2nd Vicky James 10E


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